Friday, May 27, 2011

Bits and pieces of poetry 31.03.2011

We´re always busy in the middle of something,
searching and finding and losing again.

Never ending circle it seems to be,
the minute you feel "I got it!" it´s gone
and the search starts all over again.

Nirvana is a place close to the heaven,
where joy and happiness are waiting for us,
where satisfaction becomes our middle name,
where´s no shadow of anger, despair or fame.

We´re all equal there, like sisters and brothers.
No space for false self which keeps us so covered.

Where is this place? How can we get there?
Why hasn´t no-one mentioned it before?

There´s no-one who can take you or show you the way
as the kingdom of Nirvana lies deep within you.

Your own heart is the source of endless joy,
pure intentions unlock the gates and ooo boy...
what a wonderful ride on the river it is
as you´re carried by the power of life downstream.


I´ve got a feeling i want to taste all the tastes,
i want to drink all of the wines and and have a bite of pastries.

Don´t wanna be the person who is happy with this little bit of something.
You know, wanna enjoy as much as i can, little bit of everything.

Because otherwise the same old shit, day after day.
no wonder people grow old fast and become grey.

I don´t want this usual stuff, i can´t see the point.
Ooo my, even the thought of it gives me the headache
and pain in my joints.

No way I´ll be that regular, average person.
living like i´d have some kind of curse on.

One little house, boring job - nice and safe track,
no-no, something more juicy please, with some kind of crack.

I want to try the taste of real life,
to feel the adventures sharp as a knife.

I want to dream, to explore, to have fun,
dance and sing under the sun.

Don´t want to miss out the beauty of living,
don´t believe the theory it`s only in giving.

Special, yes, special is the word i want my life to look like,
everything started from friends til the color of a bike.

Want to feel special, look special, do special things,
all could be special what life brings.

Little bit of everything i wanna try out.

I want to go to the million places around the globe,
want to have the most extravagant clothes in my wardrobe.

I want to be fluent in many languages and read all kind of books,
want to be the one with confident look.

But yes, the books ... you know what i recently started to read,
a bestseller from Coelho, exactly what i need.

Actually, my friend said it`s a MUST for a person like me,
so, i was eager to find out what exactly did he mean.

I read and i read until i got to the page
where all the actions were played in the stage.

But not the stage with characters of the book
but the stage with someone who had my look.

"Try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted."
That´s the way to live, not a day should be wasted.

"Choosing a path meant having to miss out on others."
Exactly my thought, don´t even bother.

I read and i read and suddenly, out of the blue.
Tears started to drop into table ... why? Have no clue.

"She wanted to follow all possible paths
and so ended up following none."

Is it really an option that wanting this little bit of everything,
might end up not getting even this little bit of something?

This little bit of something which I keep refusing to have


On hetki, mil aeg jääb seisma, sest seda pole olemas.
On hetki, mil vahemaad kaovad, sest me kõik oleme üks.
On hetki, mil tänutunne on hinges nii suur, et hingetuks teeb.
On hetki, mil sõnade vägi kahvatub, sest tunnete keelt nad ei tea.
On hetki, mil südamest tulev soov ookeani ja mägede tagant,
on kallim kullast ja maisest varast, sest hinda tal ei ole.
On hetki, mil lahtiste silmade ja avali südamega taeva vaadates,
kõik avardub ning valgeks lööb, sest sisse tekib ruumi.
On hetki, mil hinges on lõputu hea ja soe,
sest elu võluvägi argipäeva poeb.


"Midagi olla ja midagi suuta,
midagi liikuma panna ja muuta"
Olid ajad, olid majad, olid helesinised unistused,
olid leidmised, kaotused, kukkumised ja komistused.
"Midagi olla ja midagi suuta,
midagi liikuma panna ja muuta"
Need kaks rida kui needus mu kannul nüüd käivad,
nii lõputult palju endas kandvat näivad.
"Midagi olla ja midagi suuta,
midagi liikuma panna ja muuta"
Neis kümnes sõnas tundub olevat peidus,
kogu siht ja suund, mis eluteel leidub.
Sest kes ei tahaks olla ja suuta?
Ütleks ära võimalusest midagi liikuma panna ja muuta?
Suutes olla see, kes oleme, saab paljutki muuta.
Olles see, kes suudame, saab mõndagi liikuma panna.

Bits and pieces of poetry 30.03.2011


Have you noticed how blue the sky is
when you are in peace with yourself.

Have you noticed how bright the sun shines
when you feel the light in your heart.

Have you noticed how dark the clouds are
when you sink in your own despair.

Have you noticed the world full of enemies
when you can not make peace with you.

Have you noticed how hard everything comes
when you don´t follow the true calling.

Have you noticed the natural flow of life
when you are the one you´re meant to be.

Have you noticed that you can be everything,
your worst enemy or your dearest friend.

Have you noticed that there´s no reality
there´s only the meaning you give to it.

Have you noticed ...
... how easy it is to notice
Have you noticed ...
... how rarely we notice though.


There is this calling, this inner source.
Something which wants to take me along.

But i do not let it as i don´t know the way
"Just trust me, i know" it keeps calling along.

But it doesn´t make sense, like nothing at all.
Still, feel like falling apart when deciding to stay.

"I know why you´re here and what is your task"
How can it possibly, must be out of my mind.

"Yes, out your mind you´ll find your true self"
Ooo shit, what should i do or where to go,

"What is the worth of being, if you´re not even you?"
Anger and fear are lifting their heads.

What do you mean, what gives you the right.
"You try to make yourself something you´re not"

Can´t you see how hard i´ve been trying
to become who i am and do what i do

"But this is the thing. There´s no-one you need to become.
There´s nothing you have to do.

You are who you are.
The one you´ve always been.

You can never be less than you are meant to be.
You just need to let yourself keep up with you

Let yourself go, let go
Let yourself go, let go ..."

But how do I know what will happen to me?
How do you know where will i end up like that?
How do I know I´ll be alright?

"Well, do you know any of this by doing what your doing now?"
No but ...
"There is actually no BUT :)"


What´s up with you my little friend?
Things are not the way you planned?
Really, it is nice to hear, so, all is back on track again?

You gotta be kidding me, seriously?
I mean, i thought you two were meant to be?
Grew apart, that´s what they all say.

Have you ever thought how it would be other way around?
Funny to even imagine, isn´t it?
I mean, two of you, growing towards each other,
until there´s no me and you, there´s only us.

No space for yourself, no topics to talk to
as all is one because you did not grow apart.
You see, you are laughing already, that´s good.

Please promise my friend, before making the move,
think at least twice as it´s so damn easy to break.
Break something which took you long time to build.

Also, there´s always the option for "renovation".
You replace this piece here and remove that stain there.
The same old good one but looks like brand new.

Option, of course it´s an option, i´m not kidding here.
Cammoon, let´s have a walk now and talk something light.
So, what´s up with you my little friend?

No-no, i don´t wanna hear what you argued about last night.
Light, i said, light.
Something which feels light to talk and to listen.
Light, i said, light.


"Keep on going, go, go!" I tell to myself.
Holy Christ, I really don´t feel like.
But then what, what will you do?
I do not know, I don´t have a clue.